1. A member applying for any of the above should download the application form from the Institute’s website.

2. The form must be completed indicating by (TICKING) the appropriate request with the prescribed fees paid and submitted to the Institute through Email:

3. The applicant will be notified when the request is ready.

1. A candidate must request for Transcript and Confirmation of Completion.

2. A candidate must receive the Final Transcript and Confirmation of Completion letters from the Institute before applying for Induction.

3. Download the Induction Form and complete sections 1 to 4 and hand it over to the employer.

4. The employer completes sections 5 to 6.

5. The completed form should be forwarded to the Institute by the employer.

6. In the case of candidates who are unemployed, they should complete sections 1 to 4 and must get two referees based on the qualifying criteria stated on the induction form.

1. Student members are to download the ID card request form from the Institute’s website and complete it.

2. Make payment via Momo or any of the institute’s bank accounts

3. Attach the completed form and proof of payment and a passport size photo to or deliver in person.

1. Download the Tuition Form from the Institute’s website and complete it.

2. Make payment via Momo or any of the institute’s bank account

3. Attach proof of payment to the completed form and submit them to or deliver in person.


1. A candidate who is not satisfied with their examination score may request for remark.

2. The candidate may download a remarking application form from the Institute’s website.

3. The completed form and payment of an amount prescribed by the Governing Council of the Institute must reach the Examination Committee within ten working days after publication of the results.

4. Forward the completed form to the Institute through Email:

5. Re-mark results will be communicated to the applicant through the same medium for publishing Examination results

NB: Remark fees paid are non-refundable

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