The following fees and subscriptions apply for 2024

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Initial Student Membership Registration GHS 600.00
Annual Subscription Students Member GHS 250.00 (Included in initial registration for that year)
Annual Subscription Ordinary Member GHS 120.00
Annual Subscription Associates GHS 900.00
Annual Subscription Fellows GHS 1,100.00
Lifetime Membership Subscription GHS 3,000.00
Practice Certificate GHS 2,400.00
Practice Certificate – Firm GHS 5,000.00
Membership – From Other Countries GHS 4,200.00
Induction GHS 2,650.00
Graduation GHS 1,200.00


Examination Registration Fees (per subject) Exemptions fees (per subject)
Level I GHS 350.00 Level I GHS 450.00
Level II GHS 400.00 Level II GHS 500.00
Level III GHS 450.00 Level III GHS 550.00
Level IV GHS 500.00 Level IV Not applicable

 Tuition fees (per subject, per semester)

Level I GHS 400.00
Level II GHS 460.00
Level III GHS 520.00
Level IV GHS 600.00

Tuition Centres fees 

Registration GHS 3,600.00
Annual Renewal GHS 2,000.00


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