Examination Structure and Conducts

  • The professional course of Chartered Institute of Bankers, Ghana is made up of four levels.

Level 1

1.1 Principles of Banking Law

1.2 Introduction to Accounting

1.3 Economics in Banking

1.4 Elements of Banking

1.5 Principles of Management

Level 2

2.1 Law Relating to Banking

2.2 Management Practices

2.3 Customer Service – Marketing & the Competitive Environment

2.4 The Monetary & Financial System

2.5 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making

Level 3

3.1 Financial Reporting, Planning & Analysis

3.2 Bank Strategic Information Management

3.3 International Trade Finance

3.4 Credit Management-Lending

3.5 Banking Operation-Regulation, Market Practice & Treasury Management

3.6 Practice of Banking-Law & Practice

LEVEL 4 (Optional Level)
(Candidates Are To Choose Any Option of Their Choice)
8th Graduation Programme

Option 1

Retail Banking (Commercial)

4.11 Strategic Marketing Management

4.12 Marketing of Financial Services

4.13 Microfinance & Rural Banking

Option 2

Mortgage Finance

4.11 Strategic Marketing Management

4.22 Mortgage Law & Practice

4.23 Insurance

Option 3

Executor and Trustee Business

4.11 Strategic Marketing Management

4.32 Administration of Trust

4.33 Taxation

Option 4

Corporate & International Finance

4.11 Strategic Marketing Management

4.42 Corporate Banking – Law & Practice

4.43 Multinational Corporate Banking- Finance & Investment

Option 5

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

4.11 Strategic Marketing Management

4.52 Risk Management

4.53 Corporate Governance


  • Examinations are held twice a year, April, and October. There is no order for the selection of courses for examination registration; candidates are however expected to complete one level or at least be left with one subject before proceeding to the next level.

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