To become a member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers Ghana (CIB Ghana), you need to follow a series of steps that involve education, work experience, and professional examinations. Here are the general steps you would typically take to become a member:

  1. Eligibility Criteria:
    • To become a member of CIB Ghana, you need to have a minimum educational qualification such as a WASSCE or recognized Degree, HND, Diplomas, DBS, ICA (GH), ACCA and other professional qualifications.
  2. Enroll as a Student Member:
    • Start by enrolling as a student member of CIB Ghana. This will give you access to study materials, resources, and events that will help you prepare for the professional exams.
  3. Professional Examinations:
    • CIB Ghana’s membership is granted based on successful completion of four (4) levels of the professional examinations. These exams are designed to assess your knowledge and skills in various areas related to banking and finance.
    • You will need to pass the examinations at each level to progress to the next.
  4. Membership Application & Work Experience:
    • After successfully completing the required examinations and meeting the three (3) years working experience in banking or finance industry, you can apply for full associateship with CIB Ghana.
  1. Two Passport-Size Pictures
  2. An Endorsed Photocopy of The Certificate(s)
  3. An Original Transcript(s)
  4. A Copy of National Identification Card (Ghana Card, Passport)

No. You are not required to become a member before applying to participate in our training programmes.  However, if you become a member, you are required to participate in ongoing professional programmes to maintain your membership status. This can include attending workshops, seminars, training programmes, and staying updated with industry trends.

You will need to

  • log in to your member portal and look for exam registration Form.
  • Fill in all the information and submit it for processing.
  • Remember to attach all evidence of payment.

You will need to

  • log in to your member portal and look for Tuition registration Form.
  • Fill in all the information and submit it for processing.

All inquiries about membership status should be sent to academic@cibgh.org or MemberExperience@cibgh.org

A member who has successfully completed the required examinations and has three (3) years of work experience in the banking or finance industry and has been inducted by CIB Ghana.

  1. Online Payment: Visit the SIS Portal (student or members portal) and log in to your account. Look for the membership payment section and follow the online payment instructions using credit/debit cards.
  2. Bank Transfer: Initiate a bank transfer from your account to CIB Ghana’s designated bank account. Ensure you provide accurate payment details, including your membership ID or reference.
  3. Mobile Money: CIB Ghana accepts payments through mobile money platforms (this option is also available on the student portal).
  4. In-Person: Visit the CIB Ghana office and make your payment in person. You will be assisted through the online payment process and provided with a receipt.
  5. Cheque Payment: Corporate members of CIB Ghana are allowed to write a cheque in the name of  “Chartered Institute of Bankers, Ghana” for payments.
  6. Payment Platforms:  MyGHPay online payment platform on the website allows payment to CIB Ghana.
  7. Payment Instructions: Regardless of the payment method, make sure to include your membership details, such as your name, membership ID, and purpose of payment, to ensure accurate processing.

To reactivate your Chartered Institute of Bankers Ghana (CIB Ghana) membership, send a request for reactivation to  academic@cibgh.org or memberexperience@cibgh.org  or call any of the phone numbers provided in the contact details to confirm eligibility.


In the reactivation process, you will be required to pay any outstanding subscriptions, update your contact details, and ensure compliance with continuing requirements. After completion, if you are a professional member of CIB Ghana, your name will be published under the list members in good standing for the respective year.

Download a request form, complete the request form with accurate details such as the recipient’s address, specific delivery method (be it mail, electronic, or in-person pickup), and signature. Pay the applicable processing fees. Submit the form in-person or send a scanned copy and the proof of payment to academic@cibgh.org and await processing.  You may follow up if the transcript doesn’t arrive within the expected time.

  1. Loginto your portal with your account details
  2. On your left-hand panel, you will see “forms and registration” and under it
  3. Click “exams registration form” to fill in the form and submit it when done.
  4. Payment of examination.


• Multiple level registration should be in one form by selecting the levels and subjects.
• Please no multiple submission of forms, since the system will automatically reject all multiple entries.

CIB Ghana conducts its examinations twice a year, that is in April and October.

However, for the most detailed and up-to-date information on examinations, we recommend visiting or contacting us through any of the contact details provided.

  1. Contact CIB Ghana’s academic office or the Professional Education Department via academic@cibgh.org.gh or call any of the numbers provided in the contact session.
  2. Explain your intent to cancel, providing your full name and registration details in a formal letter.

NB : The request to cancel an examination registered should be submitted 30 days before the due examination date.


CIB Ghana will not refund the amount paid for the examination but the amount can be transferred to settle other future payments. Contact academic@cibgh.org.gh for further clarity.

We have five (5) tuition centers.






CIB Ghana offers both virtual and in-person tuition options.

Virtual tuition allows students to access education remotely, which can be especially helpful for those who may not be able to attend in-person classes due to distance or other commitments. On the other hand, in-person tuition provides a traditional classroom experience, which can be valuable for students who prefer face-to-face interaction with instructors and peers.

Exam results are released 30 days after the exams, and they can be accessed on the student portal.

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